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E-Z Wax Paste

E-Z Wax Paste

Extra Long Lasting Carnauba Wax

15 E-Z Wax® Paste produces a glossy, wet-looking surface. Also contains advanced polymers for extra long-lasting protection. The polymers bond to the paint like never before. They penetrate and protect your paint against environmental attack. Road grime, bugs, grease and dirt clean easily from this waxed coating. The wax also fills minor swirls and scratches to further beautify your vehicle. Easy to use and won’t leave a chalky powder residue. Now better than ever, this ozone safe, VOC compliant paste wax is your choice for extra-durable gloss and protection

  • E-Z Wax Paste is an easy-to-use yellow carnauba paste wax that produces a wet look appearance
  • Superb final finish wax with excellent durability
  • Gloss lasts an extra long time
  • May be applied by hand or with an orbital buffer
  • Easy to use
  • Non- abrasive and now VOC Complian
  • 0 out of 10 (10 is highest amount of abrasive)

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